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Hebrews Introduction

By Dan Esau | Feb 9, 2018

  Dan’s Thoughts… Sunday we will be starting our new message series.  I’ve called it… It will be a walk through Hebrews.  I hope you will begin to pray that God will show us what He wants to say through the TRUTH of Hebrews.  I’m looking forward to it.  I hope you will pray for…

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Ten Commandments

By Dan Esau | Feb 3, 2018

    Dan’s Thoughts…   I hope and pray that you have had some lights go on in your thoughts as we have studied the Ten Commandments.  I know I have.  My prayer is that you will be able to recite and know the Ten Commandments for the rest of your life.  We really need…

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The New Year

By Dan Esau | Jan 26, 2018

Dan’s Thoughts…   How is your new year going?  I hope you can honestly say… “It’s going very well, thank you!”  If you can’t say that, what’s the problem?  I mean honestly, we have a lot to be well about, don’t you think?   Some things in life just don’t make sense … it’s a…

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Just One Request

By Dan Esau | Jan 7, 2018

Dan’s Thoughts… “Just One Request”   Oh Father for this coming year Just one request I bring: I do not pray for happiness, Or any earthly thing… I do not ask to understand The way You’re leading me, But this I ask: Teach me to do The thing that pleases You. I want to know…

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All Brand New

By Dan Esau | Dec 30, 2017

Dan’s Thoughts… “All Brand-New!” Anyone get new clothes for Christmas? I did! The great thing about new clothes or for that matter anything brand new is that it’s new! No one has used it, no one has blemished it, it’s not weathered or worn, tethered or torn. It’s, for the most part, perfect! Just waiting…

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