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Hebrews. Part 5

By Dan Esau | Apr 3, 2018

Dan’s Thoughts…   This Sunday we will continue to look at the 2nd chapter of Hebrews.  I will review what we have learned so far and then complete second part of the verses in chapter 2.  I hope you are receiving knowledge that God can use in your life to make you more like Him…

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Resurrection Day

By Dan Esau | Mar 27, 2018

Dan’s Thoughts…   HE’S ALIVE!! Sunday is Resurrection Day!  We must celebrate!  But how, you might ask??  Well, just to take a day to remember what God has done for us through His Son and be forever thankful is a great start.  God has done an amazing thing for all of mankind and they need…

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Hebrews. Part 4

By Dan Esau | Mar 13, 2018

Dan’s Thoughts…   Hebrews 2:1… “So… we must listen very carefully to the truth we have heard, or we may drift away from it.”   That is a powerful verse!  I must say that I have thought a lot about that verse in the past days.  Listening, the way this verse is talking about is…

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Hebrews. Part 3

By Dan Esau | Mar 8, 2018

Dan’s Thoughts…   Next Sunday we will be talking about “DRIFTING.”  I wonder how many of us really think about the fact that we have a problem with drifting?  Drifting is a more complicated subject that we all might think.  Some have drifted away from the truth and never realized it until it was too…

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Hebrews. Part 2

By Dan Esau | Mar 1, 2018

Dan’s Thoughts…   ANGELS, ANGELS, ANGELS!  What’s all that about?  Well, that’s exactly what I’m teaching about this Sunday!  There are so many misconceptions about angels. What is important to remember is, even with the Biblical truth about angels we must know that Jesus is greater!!   Sunday we will be talking about who Jesus…

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